Important Information from Our School


Junior High School



Tardy (Late to Class)

You will be marked “tardy” if you are not in your assigned seat when the tardy bell rings. School rules will be enforced according to Lorenzo R Smith School’s tardy policy.



When you return from an absence, it is your responsibility to make up the work you missed.  ALWAYS copy down missed assignments from the class assignment board or from one of your classmates.




Respect yourself and your right to an education:

    • Be prepared every day for class.
    • Be ready and willing to learn
    • Take responsibility for your own work

Respect your teacher:

    • Arrive on time to class
    • Follow directions and listen attentively
    • Raise your hand to speak and stay in your seat/group at all times unless otherwise directed by teacher

Respect your classmates:

  • Listen when other classmates speak
  • Be attentive to other’s beliefs, answers, and or opinions
  • Cruelty (bullying) will not be tolerated

Respect the classroom environment:

  • Eating, drinking, and chewing gum is not allowed in the classroom
  • Keep your work space/small-group area clean
  • Electronic devices will not be permitted during class time


For consequences refer to your handbook

Parents, click here to take the 5Essentials Survey!

Parents, please complete this survey before March 11, 2016.

From January 11 to March 11, 2016, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will conduct its fourth annual survey of learning conditions, the Illinois 5Essentials Survey. The 5Essentials Survey, a diagnostic tool developed by researchers at the University of Chicago, provides schools with fine-grained data on five leading indicators for school improvement: Effective Leaders, Collaborative Teachers, Involved Families, Supportive Environment and Ambitious Instruction.

Twenty years of University of Chicago research has shown that schools that were strong on at least three of the 5Essentials were 10 times more likely to make substantial gains in reading and math.


Mission Statement:
The mission of Pembroke Community Consolidated School District #259, a progressive rural district is to assure each student develops a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and character to maximize his or her potential – by providing quality staff and quality programs while engaging parental and community involvement in a caring and nurturing environment.